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Tiwa savage in Amazing Painting See Here !!!

      The above artwork was done by a certain kenartng homie  and he got Tiwa drooling over the artwork as she took to her IG page to show off the dudes work and showed her admiration for it too. if you ask me i think he did an amazing job painting this one .........nice one chap !!!!!
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When My Time Comes – Fatima Garba Aliyu

When my time comes I will leave, there will be no BEEP...   I may not be ready.. yet I must leave, heard that the pain is DEEP...   My knowledge and knowing all must leave, left alone my wealth you can share the JEEP...   If my time comes, please don't go to my grave and WEEP...   Because am not there at SLEEP...   If my time comes, all I need is a prayer you'll KEEP...   Fatima Garba Aliyu Kano, Nigeria.
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SHE NEEDS A PEN NOT A PENIS By Bijimi Daniel Meindous

She needs a pen not a penis. She needs a text book not a conjugal bed. She needs the classroom not the labour room. She is a child too young to have a child. Her biological composition is not ripe for womanhood. Her mentality not matured for parenthood. Her physical strength not strong for a house wife. She is a child not a bride. You consider her consent irrelevant. Her opinion does not count. Her future dreams are being shattered. Her economic contribution to the nation has been hampered. All by a wicked system with no justification. Oppressing the helpless and most vulnerable. You...
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POETRY: There Was An Achebe… – by Adesina Tosin Nathaniel

POETRY: There Was An Achebe… - by Adesina Tosin Nathaniel   Like a comet You came from no where You grew like a jellyfish Spreading your tentacles to the whole world From the north to the south, east & west Your glory was sang to high heavens                                                               With your pen You fought oppression You fought injustice You brought smile on us From when things started falling apart To the arrows of God that separated them   And a man of the people That was no longer at ease You remain...
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POETRY: A Winter of Withering Warriors – Elisha Otome Okoromoba @ElishaOtome

A Winter Of Withering Warriors Where is your sword and shield? Warrior and knight of the people The tales of your blood-drawing dagger In the fight against looting and cruelty Is yet to be read in our waiting ears   Where are those fiery darts? Your tongue aimed at thieves and spivs Who fed from our sweats and burden and Wiped their anus with our heads Where’s your pecking voice oh renegade?   My hands are well washed and With elders I am given a seat Sit and hear oh warrior of yesteryears The history you forgot in our room When you pitched your tenth in Aso-tent     Esau...
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POETRY: Musings of a Common Man – by Henry Chybuzor Igwe @Chybuzor1

POETRY: Musings of a Common Man - by Henry Chybuzor Igwe @Chybuzor1 Musings of a Common Man I am not against them, in the slightest. I am just no fan of inflated praises, She is an attractive lady: Our Nation, They are ensconced in the top seat: Our Rulers, In the wake of current happenings, If you expect I rhyme out adulations, None can beat you to hilarity, honestly. It is no joke. For every  kid running the busy roads, With a tray on his head, Every hungry family going to bed empty; From the many tears, and wailing voices, Does their conscience not get some flogging? Corruption pervades...
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I want to be remembered (Poetry) – by Ogunjimi James Taiwo

I want to be remembered for good. I want to be on the right side of history. I want to be remembered as a man who never shied away from speaking the truth. I want to be remembered as a man who never kept quiet in the face of injustice. I want to be remembered as a man who never cringed in the face of tyranny. I want to be remembered as a man who gave his all, and did his part for his generation. I want to be remembered for good. I want to be remembered as a man who wasn't loved by all, but loved by the few that counted. I want to be remembered as a man who never sought to please everyone, for that was...
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The ‘Owambe’ Prayer

Oh! Most mighty! Most gracious! Most braki-braki-shabalala! We thank thee, O Most kind, Most loving, Most grabalakibaki! We bring before you this condemned goat, destined for …

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Deus ex Machina (Poetry) – by Macaulay Oluseyi Akinbami

                                                                                                                                               Deus ex Machina (Poetry) Promises of pardoned traitors     Reek like ancient regrets. Exhibitions, Steeped in rapacity. Inured to light, they Dominate blindly Evoking the …

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#ThinkingOutLoud with Osowe ‘Gbenga: WELCOME TO THE SCHOOL OF ABSURDITIES

WELCOME TO THE SCHOOL OF ABSURDITIES – Osowe Oluwagbenga O Welcome to the school of absurdities Where paid teachers sit down and the paying students teach A school where promotion comes not by passing exams Our principal knows the troublemakers but cannot do anything about it They are the sons of his friends, his precious friends in whom he is well pleased   Coming late is a CAPITAL offence is our school Punishable by demotion, suspension or even EXPULSION But if you’re caught cheating, be smart, plea and bargain The simple punishment will be to “go and cheat no...
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Carrot and stick for Dummies

“Off with their heads!” That single lengthy proclamation By the heartless Queen of Hearts Spells doom for many a pawn.   “And they’re off!” The mindless …

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The Last Flight (Poetry) – by @Chybuzor1

This poem is in dedication to the victims of the Dana air crash of Sunday, 3rdJune, 2012. Names are used fictitiously, any resemblance to actual persons is highly coincidental. They hugged and pecked at the airport, Love birds, they’d been one for many years, No kid(s), yet they stuck as glue. She bade him farewell, heart-warming it was, She was missing him already but she had another him, With her, laden and seven months far, she carried their son. Bliss! He’d touch down in thirty, seal up a deal, Hop in at his parents’ – The Okoyes, Attend a meeting on Monday, sign some papers, Get his...
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Weep Not For Me; Weep For Your Children

Weep Not For Me; Weep For Your Children Weep not for me o African, For thy tears in nought will flow. Weep rather for the future of your children, Whose tears may never cease to flow. Weep not for me O African, The travails thou doth witness are of thy making. For when thou ought to have spoken, The courage to resist the evil ones thou was lacking. Weep not for me O African, For thy situation doth defy tears. Sit not still while your continent is burning, Leave not thy land for them to tear. Weep not for me O African, Thy goods on daily basis is looted, Thy milk and honey everyday is...
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The New Nigeria Anthem

The New Nigeria Anthem   Have you heard of the new Nigeria? A land flowing with milk and honey, The envy of other lands, from Asia …

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EVIL ISLAND by @fishergbenga

EVIL ISLAND Mayday! Mayday!  It shouted, screaming out it guts, trembling like ??an eruption scenario, Swerving for balance despite the looming crash, waiting like ??a disaster …

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MY PRECIOUS GATES – THE IBORIGATE SAGA #SuperBloggers by @gbengaosowe

My Precious Gates- The Iborigate Saga               It does not matter if our citizens have no food Nor does it matter that there is no healthcare About lack of quality education, I do not care I have my most treasured possession-golden gates   Should the people get angry and dangerous? Or violent, destructive and riotous? They can never come near me, I dare say My gates of gold will keep them at bay.   As for those who criticize and malign me, In newspapers and electronic media they say things about...
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GEORGIA RIVER By ‘Gbenga Fisher

At Georgia river, ??a plain state Of lonesome serenity, Epitome of ??a tranquil soul, Green lawn trimmed and mowed, Were else would the waters pour from above, At Georgia river, couples long for its sensitive feel, Blokes knelt with their ring and maidens blush wit joy, Fate sealed and stamped on the sands of time, At Georgia river, clannish whites fraternize with colored men, Charmed by its awesome serenity, they all threw caution to the wind. Ancestors uphold its warmness, and descendants, ??a chip off the old block. 'Gbenga Fisher
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The National Call

On ruptured walls in a crying society Lay water-washed, fading images Of local famous crooks, decried of larceny Who for the sake of cast votes, ran …

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REVOLUTIONARY MACHINE written by Femi Hephef Falodun

Wondering if anyone else has noticed This quiet storm sweeping a hot land. From the Atlantic coast to the edge of the hot sand Revolutionary machine wielding words as swords Engines running on brilliant young bloods: The new breed. Though born of the failed generation, Yet determined not to fail. To fuel a lagging nation Powered by generators, above whose noise They generate and elevate a vibrant louder voice. Collectively Conscious, Creatively Compact. Faceless behind Mark's book, they attack On a quest to re-write a blotted history Twittering, blogging and poking their...
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Hey Sweets, You open and close my heart like a seal. On this very day my hope is frail yet hard to kill. I will try, now not outta ambition nor pride but outta love driven by a passion that cannot die. You may fly or even soar at the rhythm of my hearty beats, but i know one day, one day soon, day, night and noon, our love in union will light a fire. while i wait, you fill and empty my heart like an unpaid bill. In love,fear and sorrow my incompleteness is real. I feel, I see your love yet it looks surreal, like an illusion, a mirage without dimensional vision it looks unreal. Now I wish the skies...
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