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How The Nigerian Government Spies On Its People And Other African Nationals – Japheth J Omojuwa

How The Nigerian Government Spies On Its People And Other African Nationals – Japheth J Omojuwa

  The worst crimes ever committed by the best and worst governments in human history were committed in the name of National Security. Of all the readily available excuses of government corruption and crack-down on individual and corporate liberty, national security has been the most potent. When President George Bush Snr invaded Iraq in search of the so-called “Weapons of ... Read More »

SPEAK UP! SPEAK OUT! You Can Now Contribute Your Thoughts To started out as a personal blog but the blog now accommodates the opinions and thoughts of several hundreds of people from across the world. To further expand the scope, depth and breadth of our content, we have decided to further open the engagement space. Everyone can now contribute to We do not discriminate based on gender, disability, race, ... Read More »

The Budget: Why Some Animals Are More Equal Than Most Nigerians – Japheth Omojuwa

  It may be a New Year but as far as Nigeria’s 2014 budget goes, it is the same old absurdity. If there is anything that stands the 2014 budget proposal out from those of recent years, it is that our budgets are getting better at getting worse. Many New Year resolutions are likely to have been made by Nigerian ... Read More »

I Have Come To Say “Thank You!” #ThankYouFor2013 – Japheth J Omojuwa

I have had a magical, miraculous and an unbelievable year 2013. That means I have been privileged to experience a lot of productive partnerships and relationships with several people and organisations. I’d like to thank all the great people that made my year a great one. They are in their thousands but while I may not remember every face, I ... Read More »

8 Months Old Kenny Adegbuyi Needs N2.5 million #SaveBabyKenny

  (An eight months old baby with a hole in her heart needs N2.5 million to stay alive.) When Oluwatosin Ruth Adegbuyi gave birth to a set of twins she was filled with joy and happiness, which was later hampered by a discovery that jolted her out of her joy zone into complete sadness. Her daughter an eight months old ... Read More »

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