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Lmao !!! The Most Explanatory Complimentary Card You Would Ever See #Photo

Lmao !!! The Most Explanatory Complimentary Card You Would Ever See #Photo

This has got to be the worlds most sophisticated complimentary card i thought we has seen it all before this dropped . Read More »


Title: A MAN LIKE ME:Noteography of A Father To His Son) Author: ‘Debayo Coker Pages: 153 pages Published: April, 2014 Reviewer: Olutayo Irantiola There comes a time in the life of a young man when he ascertains his manliness when he gives birth to a child after marriage. As Africans, a man is extremely proud when he has a son. ... Read More »


‘I like orgasm. You know. That simple act that sometimes, most times, guarantees the continuity of nature. I like it. That rush-of-blood-to-the-brain feeling is one of the few things in life that is not overrated. I tell you. Now listen. I can get that feeling in a million and one other things. Yes I can. Don’t get me wrong. The ... Read More »

#Wobbled Words: Straddled.- Adeyemi Adeojo

About The Author. He writes under the alias HANNIBAL, was born in Lagos, Nigeria; a boisterous city that reflects the dashing picturesque in his iconoclastic stories. He holds a Bachelor degree from the prestigious OAU,Ile-Ife. He is a member of the legendary Orita Ritas. Among his numerous works, mostly unpublished, are his motley poems on Ifepoetryportal. The Story. Straddled is ... Read More »

#Wobbled Words, Stories Inspired By Real Life

Ladies and Gentlemen, I recollect the events of that sunny Saturday morning. I had gone to register a new chip that I just bought in compliance with the new rule of the National Communication Commission that all telephone lines must be registered. The young lady at the desk punched my information into the system meticulously.  “What is your occupation?” she ... Read More »

“The Sex Life of a Lagos Mad Woman’ Is Not Erotica” – #SexLifeCollection  Author, ‘Seun Salami, Speaks About New Book

“The Sex Life of a Lagos Mad Woman’ Is Not Erotica” – #SexLifeCollection Author, ‘Seun Salami, Speaks About New Book

Author of new short story collection, ‘The Sex Life of a Lagos Mad Woman’, ‘Seun Salami, has said that the collection of twelve largely ‘Sex Life’ stories is not erotica or literary porn as the title might suggest, but simply “vivid prose description of everyday realities of which sex happens to be of great interest.” The new book which goes ... Read More »


You wake up to the smell of oranges and it is almost as if you slept in one world and woke up in another. But the king sized bed you fell asleep in the night before is the same one you now turn over in. The white silk sheets that clothed your skin during the night have not changed either. ... Read More »

Unsung Hero: The Diary of A Nigerian Soldier – Femi Falodun

Unsung Hero: The Diary of A Nigerian Soldier – Femi Falodun

My name is John Martins and I was born to be a soldier. It was all I had wanted to do from the first James Bond movie I saw on TV as an 8 year-old. I love guns too. I love the uniform, the boots, the gear… I love the honour and respect that comes with being a soldier. I ... Read More »


    “….Life: chrysalis Death: the fluttering butterfly Hence, the final growth.”   Slicing carrots. Under the tyranny of a blunt kitchen knife. Held by a shivering hand. I must keep. Slicing these carrots. They must not go to waste. I must eat them. Anything. To keep my mind busy. Away from this present. A distraction. Although, feeble. Someone just ... Read More »


We walk as three to the neighboring village, every third month. Me. Mama. Papa. In that order. Papa always takes the rear, walking at a little distance behind us, as if he does not want to be associated with mama and me. Or as if he was on his way to someplace alone, in his mind. I walk in front, ... Read More »


I braced myself for the scream I knew was coming. I heard the gate squeak when the maid came in, as she did every morning. My immediate concern now was how to act surprised, pretend the reason for her scream was novel to me, to lie that the redness in my eyes was from sleep and not a reaction to ... Read More »


The place where I live with other mad people in Enugu is never clean. This is by no means the fault of our caretakers because ten times a day or more, two bored cleaners pick up a broom or a mop to clean up after us. They work hard at picking up the pieces of our mind that have found ... Read More »

 Hard Choices 2 – Olajide Akoni

 Hard Choices 2 – Olajide Akoni

The afternoon sun was just sinking when I dropped off an okada -motorcycle onto a tarred road in the highbrow area of Ikoyi, Lagos. The street, Johnsons’ avenue was in a close, with well spaced trees set on either side of the paved street, creating a cosy, welcoming feel. I glanced at the lovely houses, mostly very exotic looking duplexes ... Read More »

Hard Choices – Olajide Akoni

Hard Choices – Olajide Akoni

We spun gracefully, two young men moving rhythmically, bodies twirling with energy as the other fellow jumped and twirled into the air in an effortless semi-circular leap, sleek muscled leg sweeping counterclockwise through the air as I simultaneously crouched and rolled, just as smoothly, on the ground. We were surrounded by a circle of young men and ladies, the men ... Read More »

Dark Justice (Chapter two Episode one) – Dahiru Mohammed Lawal

Dark Justice (Chapter two Episode one) – Dahiru Mohammed Lawal

Louis Don villa stormed the police station exuding an aura of importance as his presence takes on a heavy physical and environmental influence. The smell of his powerful cologne was oppressive enough to subject the policemen on duty over the counter to boy him around. He basked in the euphoria of reputation and narcissistic arrogance typical of a barrister at ... Read More »