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We walk as three to the neighboring village, every third month. Me. Mama. Papa. In that order. Papa always takes the rear, walking at a little distance behind us, as if he does not want to be associated with mama and me. Or as if he was on his way to someplace alone, in his mind. I walk in front, ... Read More »


I braced myself for the scream I knew was coming. I heard the gate squeak when the maid came in, as she did every morning. My immediate concern now was how to act surprised, pretend the reason for her scream was novel to me, to lie that the redness in my eyes was from sleep and not a reaction to ... Read More »


The place where I live with other mad people in Enugu is never clean. This is by no means the fault of our caretakers because ten times a day or more, two bored cleaners pick up a broom or a mop to clean up after us. They work hard at picking up the pieces of our mind that have found ... Read More »

 Hard Choices 2 – Olajide Akoni

 Hard Choices 2 – Olajide Akoni

The afternoon sun was just sinking when I dropped off an okada -motorcycle onto a tarred road in the highbrow area of Ikoyi, Lagos. The street, Johnsons’ avenue was in a close, with well spaced trees set on either side of the paved street, creating a cosy, welcoming feel. I glanced at the lovely houses, mostly very exotic looking duplexes ... Read More »

Hard Choices – Olajide Akoni

Hard Choices – Olajide Akoni

We spun gracefully, two young men moving rhythmically, bodies twirling with energy as the other fellow jumped and twirled into the air in an effortless semi-circular leap, sleek muscled leg sweeping counterclockwise through the air as I simultaneously crouched and rolled, just as smoothly, on the ground. We were surrounded by a circle of young men and ladies, the men ... Read More »

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