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You wake up to the smell of oranges and it is almost as if you slept in one world and woke up in another. But the king sized bed you fell asleep in the night before is the same one you now turn over in. The white silk sheets that clothed your skin during the night have not changed either. ... Read More »

Unsung Hero: The Diary of A Nigerian Soldier – Femi Falodun

Unsung Hero: The Diary of A Nigerian Soldier – Femi Falodun

My name is John Martins and I was born to be a soldier. It was all I had wanted to do from the first James Bond movie I saw on TV as an 8 year-old. I love guns too. I love the uniform, the boots, the gear… I love the honour and respect that comes with being a soldier. I ... Read More »


    “….Life: chrysalis Death: the fluttering butterfly Hence, the final growth.”   Slicing carrots. Under the tyranny of a blunt kitchen knife. Held by a shivering hand. I must keep. Slicing these carrots. They must not go to waste. I must eat them. Anything. To keep my mind busy. Away from this present. A distraction. Although, feeble. Someone just ... Read More »


We walk as three to the neighboring village, every third month. Me. Mama. Papa. In that order. Papa always takes the rear, walking at a little distance behind us, as if he does not want to be associated with mama and me. Or as if he was on his way to someplace alone, in his mind. I walk in front, ... Read More »


I braced myself for the scream I knew was coming. I heard the gate squeak when the maid came in, as she did every morning. My immediate concern now was how to act surprised, pretend the reason for her scream was novel to me, to lie that the redness in my eyes was from sleep and not a reaction to ... Read More »

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