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Are We Really That Mad? – Olladave

Somebody says everybody else is mad Then somebody must be mad. If somebody is the only one not mad. In the land of the mad A case of mad calling others mad. But who is really mad? It is so sad To see that every one is sad The truth of the lie is sad. And if you are not ... Read More »



#Volunteer2Teach is a project that will address the shortage of teachers in our classrooms. Nigeria accounts for the world’s highest number for out of school children, summing to about 10.5 million and even the ones within school walls cannot boast of quality education. This project is assembling some professionals who are willing to grants these children quality education by dedicating ... Read More »

#KakandaTemple ~ Tampering With a Time-Bomb

“Can you even hold a gun?” “Shut up, if you see a real war, you will pee in your trousers!” “War is not for the feeble-minded like you!” These are things we hear when paranoid civilians talk tough, consider getting armed, anytime they register their distrust for the system they expect to protect them from the criminally armed groups that ... Read More »

The #Give2STER Campaign Promotes an End to Sexual Violence and Abuse

Stand to End Rape (S.T.E.R) Initiative works to end all forms of rape through education, supporting victims of rape and changing community perceptions towards sexual violence and abuse. STER provides awareness seminars, sexual violence and abuse education, peer mentoring, therapy and promotes sexual and reproductive rights. The “#Give2STER” campaign is an opportunity for everyone to say no to sexual violence ... Read More »

U. S Congress may Approve Aid to Arm Syrian Rebels

U. S Congress may Approve Aid to Arm Syrian Rebels

The U.S. Congress appeared poised on Tuesday to quickly approve President Barack Obama’s plan to arm and train Syrian rebels, a major part of the effort he announced this week to fight Islamic State militants. The House of Representatives began debating an amendment to a stopgap funding bill that would authorize support for the moderate rebels, who are fighting both ... Read More »

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