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Let Those Who Are Tired Of Being Tired Hear Me – Kehinde Ajose

I have a confession to make…I am tired. Tired    of being stuck in traffic for hours as a result of a bad road network. I am tired of my pings not delivering fast enough as a result of comatose telecoms  providers that just refuse to upgrade their services .I am tired of getting home and being welcomed by the darkness ... Read More »

Lest We Forget – El-Amin Yusuf Alronawy

  Lest we forget, we are in a country called Nigeria. So one should be careful of what he/she may critically say about this administration that plans to land in jail whosoever shall criticise its style and conducts. We have been aware of the illegal arrests of some patriotic Nigerians who took to Facebook to “vilify” this administration – as ... Read More »

The Nigerian Police And Poverty: A Personal Encounter – El-Kator

The Nigerian Police And Poverty: A Personal Encounter – El-Kator

From observing Police officers in all parts of the country randomly stopping road users for the singular purpose of extortion I prayed never to have any dealings with any uniformed officer. If that prayer was answered, the answer expired last year. There was a theft towards the end of the year and I had to make a report at the ... Read More »

Strange Behaviours: Fear Induce – Abba Mustapha @Abbatyyy

Fear is a strong, uncontrollable, unpleasant emotion caused by actual or perceived danger. It is a survival mechanism occurring in a response to a specific stimulus. It causes entities in response, to pull far away from it (either by fight-or-flight or freeze/paralysis) and disappear. In trying to pull away, there are behaviors induced by fear elicited by individuals. Some of ... Read More »

#KakandaTemple ~ The Future Awards and its Misrepresentation of the Nigerian Youth

        I have absolute confidence in the strength and ability of the Nigerian youth. All over the world, the Nigerian youth is a newsmaker, known for exhibiting talent, using his brain either to redeem or to reduce whichever system he is in. The Nigerian youth, despite having bad role models, has defied setbacks and limitations to climb ... Read More »

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