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1 HAVE A PLAN ( GOALS ) – Simple. The best way to get things done is to decide you’re going to do it (and then to write it down and tell people about it). So these life improvements you’re about to make? Think of them as goals. Like New Year’s resolutions that don’t happen on New Year’s and actually stick ... Read More »

My Idea Of A Nigerian Revolution – Presley Akhigbe

My Idea Of A Nigerian Revolution – Presley Akhigbe

The Revolution We Need It will be unwise and indeed foolish for any progressive mind to vote for the crop of elements among the two major political parties in Nigeria. The fact remains that only a handful of persons in APC/PDP have credibility and morals. Indeed, maybe less than ten people. Yet these are the same recycled no-do-well politicians that ... Read More »

Pay Sawyer-Ebola Victims Five Million Dollars – Presley Akhigbe

Pay Sawyer-Ebola Victims Five Million Dollars – Presley Akhigbe

The ebola virus imported into Nigeria by the Liberian Patrick Sawyer has caused death to four people, a doctor, two nurses who attended to him at the First Consultants hospital in Lagos and an employee of ECOWAS. Then there is the immeasurable loss of potential financial gains by the hospital resulting from the closure and decontamination of the hospital premises/services, ... Read More »

Inside Politics of Direct Entry (DE) Form In Kano – Salihu Tanko Yakasai

Everyday, we accuse our leaders of corruption, mismanagement, and many other “diseases” killing us as a country. We always put the blame solely on the heads of our leaders, shielding ourselves and other sectors of any blame in destroying it. But in this article, I intend to expose the wickedness and heartless illegality in the sells of DE forms in ... Read More »

APC Has Captured A Lost Generation – Eta Uso Jr

I feel it necessary to bring forward that the Digital Age seems to have done a little more harm than good. Well, at least more harm than good to the lazy mindsets of this generation. How? It is simple. The wealth of information our generation gets exposed to in real-time is so alarming that it has resulted in poverty of ... Read More »