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Inside Politics of Direct Entry (DE) Form In Kano – Salihu Tanko Yakasai

Everyday, we accuse our leaders of corruption, mismanagement, and many other “diseases” killing us as a country. We always put the blame solely on the heads of our leaders, shielding ourselves and other sectors of any blame in destroying it. But in this article, I intend to expose the wickedness and heartless illegality in the sells of DE forms in ... Read More »

APC Has Captured A Lost Generation – Eta Uso Jr

I feel it necessary to bring forward that the Digital Age seems to have done a little more harm than good. Well, at least more harm than good to the lazy mindsets of this generation. How? It is simple. The wealth of information our generation gets exposed to in real-time is so alarming that it has resulted in poverty of ... Read More »

Osun Will Decide – Yemi Olutoye

It is during the election period that you begin to handpick the intellectuals from the food mongers; when we encourage the ‘food for votes’ system, by default we also encourage the ‘embezzle public fund’ process. How else will politicians replenish their loss if not through public funds… Unfortunately, the ones at the receiving end of bad governance are always the ... Read More »

My Thoughts On The #USAfricaSummit – Seife Tadelle Kidane

My Thoughts On The #USAfricaSummit – Seife Tadelle Kidane

Dear All, We witness that for the last one year African Leaders are engaged in different summits: – Africa-Japan Summit, Africa-China Summit, Africa Europe Summit, Africa India summit and at this point in time, USA for Africa-USA summit. With this notice even if all the summits are important from political and socioeconomic point of view but the most important ones ... Read More »

Do You Love Nigeria? – Saleh Shehu Ashaka

Do You Love Nigeria? – Saleh Shehu Ashaka

Someone posed a very interesting question today that really got my wheels of thought whirring: Do you love your country? Are you patriotic? I’m not sure what it is that provoked my train of thoughtful energy to chug and chug, but I really put a lot of chug and chug into this question. After much, consideration…I emphatically announce, “Yes.  I am ... Read More »

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