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The Danger Of Doing Nothing

On Saturday, the 17th of November, Lloyd Michael, one of the four young men killed by a blood thirsty crowd in the Aluu-Umuokiri local government area of Rivers State was laid to rest in Port Harcourt. Reading about the burial brought back the sadness I felt when the news of these young men broke and it made me ask questions. ... Read More »

As Kings Take To The Skies

I have always told myself that Nigeria is not a republic and I still hold that fact to be true. For those who have been dreaming that we are a republic, welcome to the real world. We are a monarchy where several kings hold sway. In this country, kings and their minions rule over 160 million subjects. If you see ... Read More »

A Game Of Committees And Reports

Nigerians are used to a lot of things. They are used to consistent black outs, bad roads, non-existent infrastructure, and poverty. They are even used to government committees and the different reports they come up with. Earlier this year on February 28 when the minister of petroleum resources, Diezani Allison Madueke appointed Mallam Nuhu Ribadu as chairman of a 17 ... Read More »


The 67th session of the UN General Assembly started on the 18th of September 2012 and is expected to run till December. As usual world leaders converged in New York for the purpose of presenting issues affecting their respective countries, debating, and make policy making. Generally, the U.N General Assembly, provides a forum or platform for multilateral discussion of international ... Read More »

Of Presidential Bed Rest And The Rest Of Us

When the news was leaked that the first lady had taken ill and had to be flown abroad for medical attention, there were many speculations about the state of her health as the presidency had kept Nigerians in the dark about the whereabouts of Mrs. Jonathan. We heard of a burst appendix and then that was replaced by uterine fibroids. ... Read More »

Dana Air And The Complicity Of Nigerian Government Officials

June 3rd 2012 was just like any other day. It was a Sunday, the last day of the weekend, and most Nigerians were relaxing in their homes with the knowledge that they would be returning back to work in only a few hours, but what they did not know was that in those few hours preceding the new week, they ... Read More »

A Culture Of Rewarding Bad Behaviour

My belief in the concept of right and wrong was what led me to study law. In fact, as a young girl growing up with a mother who taught me with the help of a flexible bamboo stick that there were rewards for certain actions, it was hard to ignore this concept. By nine years old, the word repercussions had ... Read More »

Bridging The Gap: Why Government Must Involve Youths.

A lot has been said about the age of African leaders and the sit tight syndrome they all suffer from. While the rest of the world presents young, charismatic leaders, Africa produces old tired men who find it hard to leave power after several years of holding on to it. Co-incidentally, these old African leaders who strive to shut out ... Read More »

Much Ado About Geo-Political Zones And Governors Forums

It has been almost a hundred years since the British colonialists conducted a marriage of the Northern and Southern provinces of Nigeria, but time has shown that it takes more than a century to make people united. Nigeria has been an entity since 1960 when independence was handed over by the colonialists, but for some reason, the people have been ... Read More »

Of Insecurity, Threats And Secession

I was not born when Nigeria witnessed  her first civil war from 1967 to 1970,  but if the accounts of the books I have read are to be believed, it was a bloody and terrible event, one I hope never to see in my lifetime. The accounts of the war though varied, are united in claims of avoidable events which ... Read More »