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Forget 2015 #opesays

2015 seems to be the ultimate target and goal for politicians and Nigerians alike. The race began a long time ago. 2015 is on everyone’s lips. 2015 is the Holy Grail, it’s what’s trending. Before one or two sentences are made about the government, 2015 always comes into the picture. If one could create a year by just saying it ... Read More »


RELIGION: A BANE OR A BOON? Religion is the credence in and reverence of a God or gods; it is a belief in a particular way of life. Nigeria is an heterogeneous state that comprises of several pluralities like ethnic diversity and religious variation. Each religion has its own perspective about life, politics, fashion and so many things that shape ... Read More »

Proposal for Tertiary Education in Nigeria by @amasonic #opesays

A few weeks back, I posted a status on Facebook relating the poor quality of education to the cheapness of it. Quite expectedly, it generated a heated debate whether education in Nigeria should be kept at its current subsidized level or have its subsidies removed, and also what could be done to improve its quality. Unfortunately, I could not explain ... Read More »

Education Sector : The Way Forward #opesays

                                        THE BUDGET President Goodluck Jonathan in October presented a N4.9trn budget proposal to the National Assembly for the 2013 fiscal year. Education, Defence and Police were allocated the highest share of N1.095trn. A breakdown of the N1.095trn shows the Education sector getting N426.53bn. Rejoice not, for this is not good news. At N426.53bn, the allocation for education is ... Read More »

Why Do We Fall In Love So Easily,Even When It’s Not Right ? #opesays

Haa ! I’m back to my favourite topic, love. I hope you had a lovely week. Ever wondered why most of us fall in love so easily,even when we know it’s not right ? It has caused us much pain and heartbreak than most of us can say. You know deep within you that this person is not right or ... Read More »

23 Life Lessons Learned by Age 23 #opesays

So this was supposed to have been written on my 23rd birthday some months back, but I was holed up planning the way ahead and reflecting on the past. So here I am. What better time than at the end of the year shey? So here goes, 23 life lessons I’ve gleaned by age 23. Only you must look out ... Read More »


Countless times in my short life ,I have come across countless people who think I’m Igbo. The conversation usually begins with me speaking English, then the other person replies in Igbo. Then I say something like “I’m sorry , I’m not Igbo.” There is usually clear disbelief written on the person’s face. Then he/she goes “You mean you are not ... Read More »


Lower Manhattan was dreary that morning. I wondered what was happening. In my rush, the downpour didn’t even bother me. I had to get to work. Work was my job as a top-notch investment banker at Goldman Sachs. My loft was only a few blocks away, so I spent all my days at work anyway; only coming home for a ... Read More »


Whoop! It’s Friday again. I hope you had a lovely week. Yours truly is just here to tell you something before you hurl that stone. Sometimes in life, we are often tempted to judge others based on the facts we see. But we forget that nobody is perfect and you may just be the one making your own mistake the ... Read More »

#TwitterHandleReview Introducing @omojuwa in my own words ~ by @opesays

Omojuwa @omojuwa Twitter Bio : I asked Google…guess what Google said… {Retweets are not endorsements} One City at a time… · Follows: 999 Followers: 38,900   He is what he is, love him or hate him. Omojuwa has built a brand for himself on Twitter. A strong recognizable one at that. He claims not to be an activist, but ... Read More »

J Martins Drops New Single As He Celebrates His Birthday Today

Highlife singer Martins Okey Justice better known for his stage name J Martins,is celebrating his birthday today.He has also given his fans a birthday ‘souvenir’, his new single titled, Kpomo “spending seven years as a performing artiste is something that is worth celebrating. It is not when I have spent between ten and fifteen years that I will roll out ... Read More »

Nicki Minaj Shower’s $70,000 Birthday Gift On Lil Wayne

Sources close to Nicki tell says, the American Idols judge got Lil Wayne a Campagna T-Rex 14R, a two-seater motorcycle-car hybrid that’s ultra-lightweight at 1,040 pounds, and a FAST attitude, reaching speeds of 150mph, as his 30th birthday gift. The motorcycle car sells at roughly $50,000 on retail, Nicki Minaj reportedly tricked hers out as a special gift of appreciation ... Read More »


  Love is not enough. It has never been and it will never be. If so, then what is ? Blame the media. They have continually fed us with this image of love; heart beating, romantic outings, love at first sight and only sweetness. This is so untrue. The media has confused love with attraction and has succeeded in making ... Read More »

PHOTOS:Dbanj shoots “Bachelor” video in Atlanta

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PHOTOS: Segun Odegbami’s Daughter, May7Ven’s New Look

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