Ugandan musician Bobi Wine, will be sworn today as lawmaker

Ugandan musician and Afrobeats star Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, best known as Bobi Wine, will be sworn today as MP for Kyadondo East in central Uganda.

Wine, who ran as an independent candidate, beat four challengers by garnering 25,659 votes of 33,310 cast in a by-election held on 29 June.

He said that he is going to the parliament as ” preferably, a leader and not a politician, ” state-linked New Vision reports.

Wine has been courted by the ruling NRM and opposition parties, the report says.

A picture of him shaking hands with President Yoweri Museveni at a vigil of a local businessman was met with disapproval on social media by some of his supporters

Wine says that he was not going to ignore the president and it was the right thing to do:

I am a leader…and this country has a president. When I meet him on a function, especially on a funeral of a respected leader, it is only civilized that I greet him with respect. So my greeting to the president was courtesy.”

Wine began his music career in early 2000s and has released several hits.

Following the 2016 election he released a song titled Situka, which means rise up in Luganda.

Part of the lyrics include a challenge to Ugandans to play an active role in fighting corruption and injustice in their country:

When the going gets tough, the tough must get going, especially when our leaders have become misleaders and mentors have become tormentors. When freedom of expression is met with suppression and oppression. ”

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