Senate asks federal government to take over LAUTECH

The Senate has urged the federal government to set up a committee that will look into the crisis bedeviling Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) in order to provide permanent solution by taking over the institution.

Speaking on the floor of the senate on Wednesday, Senator Buhari Abdulfatai (APC,Oyo) in a motion co-sponsored by 40 other senators, disclosed the ordeals of the staff and students of the institution ridden by constant strikes and unrest.

Sen. Abdulfatai said: “LAUTECH which has had the reputation of being the best state-owned university in the country now has nothing to her credit than the reputation of being the most strike- ridden university in the country as the university cannot escape an academic year without going on strike for 10 months or more due to persistent non-payment of salaries of the members of staff.

“The fact that the university is currently in the middle of a strike which has crippled the activities of the university for more than a year due to the inability of the parent states (Osun and Oyo state) to provide the sum of N4 billion to pay the accumulated salaries and arrears of members of staff and thereby leaving over 3000 staff of the university wallowing in economic hardship.

“The careers of over 34,000 students of the university are currently under jeopardy turning them to social miscreants and leaving the parents who have labored to give their wards quality education languishing in pains and agonies for no fault of theirs.

“This pitiable situation of LAUTECH has pathetically shown that the continuous joint-ownership (by Oyo and Osun States) of the university by the parents’ states is difficult and it has become necessary for the federal government to intervene and review this nature of ownership.”

The Senate accordingly resolved that the federal government find immediate solution to the problem for the school to re-open immediately while urging the parent states to sit down and talk on the issue of ownership of the school.

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