Cristiano Ronaldo shares pictures of his adorable set of twins on Twitter

Portugese Real Madrid footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo has taken to social media to celebrate the arrival of his set of twins.

Ronaldo whose team crashed out of the recent confederation cup tournament was released by Portugal to celebrate the birth of his twins.

He confirmed on Facebook: “I was with the national team, giving my everything as always, despite knowing my children had been born.

“Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach our main sporting objective, but I am certain we will continue to make the Portuguese people happy.

“The president of the Portuguese Football Federation and the national team manager were considerate towards me and it is something which I will never forget.

“I am very happy to finally be with my children for the first time.”

An official statement said: “The president of the Portuguese Football Association and the manager were informed before the Confederations Cup that the national captain Cristiano Ronaldo had become a father.

Portuguese TV channel SIC reports he had a boy and girl named Eva and Mateo via a mother on the west coast of America.

Supermodel Tyra Banks, TV host Jimmy Fallon and actress Sarah Jessica Parker are among the celebs that have had surrogate children.

Ronaldo is already a father to Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, known as Cristianinho, who is now seven.

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