Watch Kobe Bryant’s beautiful short film, ‘Dear Basketball’

When Kobe Bryant said goodbye to the Los Angeles Lakers and the game of basketball in a heartfelt poem on the Player’s Tribune over a year ago, there weren’t many fans with totally dry eyes in the Los Angeles area.

Bryant, who has continually spoken about his desire to tell stories in retirement, evidently realized he was onto something with his original goodbye. So Bryant took that poem, through it into his musecage and turned it into a script for his latest narrative spinning endeavor.

In his nearly four-minute short film Dear Basketball, Bryant narrates fans on a beautifully animated and John Williams composed journey through his basketball life. The film flips back and forth between Bryant’s childhood bedroom and a rolled-up tubesock for a basketball to his most iconic NBA plays, this time in hand-drawn form.

Even for those who’ve read the poem before, the film is certainly worth a watch:


Some might have laughed it off when Lakers President Jeanie Buss said on the “Open Run”podcast Monday that she could see Bryant as the President of Disney in 10 years, but after watching this, it’s harder NOT to predict that type of career path for the former superstar.

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