Aero Contractors Management Explains Circumstances Surrounding Smoke Incident

The management of one of Nigeria’s airlines, Aero Contractors have stated the reason behind the smoke incident onboard one of their flights coming from Port Harcourt into Lagos.

The terrified passengers had to endure another 35 minutes in the air as the pilot told them to calm down even, as they said, they could clearly see that one of the engines was on fire.

One of the passengers, who expressed gratitude to God for her safety, took to twitter saying:

“Every one on this Aero Contractor flight could have died today but for God. I’m grateful. Nigerian airports need new directors/ flights.

“God knows I said it that this plane was too old to be functioning in Nigeria before I boarded. At the clinic now getting checked on”

The female passenger also stated that no apology or explanation was given to the passengers.

However, the airline’s managing director, Captain Ado Sanusi told airport correspondents that the smoke originated from the cargo section of the plane and got into the cabin through the air-conditioning systems.

He said the pilot was able to maintain calm as he landed the plane safely in Lagos into the waiting arms of fire servicemen who were already on the runway to avoid tragedy.

He also said the plane is due for test flight today.

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