VIDEO: Abuja airport runway is 57.5% completed, says aviation minister Hadi Sirika

Hadi Sirika, minister of state for aviation, says the rehabilitation of runway of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, is more than halfway completed.

The Abuja airport was temporarily closed on March 8 to give room for a six-week repair of its runway.

While briefing journalists in Abuja on Thursday, the minister said: “Work is going on smoothly and everything is in order.”

Sirika also noted that the airport will be reopened for use on April 19.

“The contractor has mobilised fully and we have gone now about 57.5 per cent of the total work which is good and which shows that we are on time and that we are doing what we are supposed to do to ensure that the runway is opened come 19th of April,” he said.

“I am being asked what is imported for this purpose. There is a new technology where glass grid is put in the process of constructing the runway to re-enforce it, to give it extra strength and prevent cracks.

“This is the first time any Nigerian runway is being treated with such material and that material is a 50 tonner. We had to fly it in to Nigeria to ensure that it comes in time for this job and you have seen samples of it.

“The runway work is going according to plan and you could also see that we are working simultaneously. Whilst the surface work is being finished, the installation of lightings are going on at the same time. Channels are being cut for the laying of wires and also installing the lights at the same time. So, we are on course and this runway will be opened on April 19.”

“On Abuja runway rehabilitation site, work about 57.5% completed! Thank you all for the support,” Sirika had also tweeted.

While rehabilitation is ongoing, local and international flights have been diverted to Kaduna International Airport.

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