Pirates release Russian expatriates kidnapped in Niger Delta

Russian news agencies reported on Sunday that seven Russian sailors and one Ukrainian captured by Nigerian pirates have been released.

General cargo ship BBC Caribbean cargo vessel was attacked on Nigeria’s territorial waters on February 5.

The sailors were reportedly released after dialogue was held between the owners of the ship and pirates.

According to NAN, Interfax news agency quoted human rights activist Pavel Butsay as saying the sailors were at Frankfurt airport and planned to return home next week.

“We have great news: our sailors are in Frankfurt (Germany) already, all are fine, the talks went successfully, all eight crew members, who have been seized, are freed now – seven Russians and one Ukrainian,” Butsay said.

“Germany’s Briese company had tough negotiations, during which jointly with the Russian embassy they undertook all necessary measures for soonest liberation.”

He added that the sailors’ families had been informed about their regained freedom.

According to NAN, a similar incident occurred in February 2016, when Nigerian sailors captured Ivan Rudny, a 32-year-old Russian seaman, along with his colleagues from the French vessel Bourbon Liberty 251 in the Gulf of Guinea.

Rudny was reportedly released after ransom was paid.


Source: The Cable

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