“I’ve muted President Trump on Twitter, he’s a distraction” – Anderson Cooper [Video]

Think it’s hard to avoid the constant news flash that is the Trump presidency? When you’re the host of a news show, it’s impossible. But on “The Late Show” on Monday, Anderson Cooper admitted that he has taken extreme measures to keep the president out of his Twitter feed. While Mr. Trump on Saturday was tweeting unsupported accusations that President Barack Obama had tapped his phone, Mr. Cooper was happily oblivious.


COOPER: I had flown to Phoenix. I was doing an investigation for ‘60 Minutes’ all weekend. And I’ve actually muted the president on Twitter. Don’t tell him.


COOPER: I’ve muted him.

COLBERT: You can do that?

COOPER: Yeah, you know, when you get annoying people tweeting you, you don’t want to delete them because that tells them you deleted them. So if you just mute them, they think you’re still following them and you don’t actually see their tweets.

COLBERT: But Anderson, then the tweets can get backed up and you get an infection.

Mr. Cooper said he was of two minds about how avidly the news media should cover the president’s Twitter feed.


COOPER: The reporting on the tweets, I do think it’s a large distraction. I mean, I think that’s clearly part of what he was doing.

COLBERT: Is it pure distraction?

COOPER: No, I don’t think it is, because I also think it’s like one of those machines that register earthquakes from a great distance.

COLBERT: Seismograph.

COOPER: A seismograph. This is like a real-time seismograph of the inner workings of the president’s head, and it’s fascinating.

COLBERT: It’s an emotional seismograph.

COOPER: He’s like a live wire of emotion. We had to wait for decades to hear Nixon on tape. We hear Donald Trump in real time. Usually people try to keep the president sort of cloistered and not in front of the public at all times. He’s broken through.

COLBERT: Obviously whoever pries the phone out of his hands takes Saturdays off.

The late-night hosts each had their own explanation for Mr. Trump’s extravagant charges.

See video below:

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