IPOB accuses Britain of using Nigerian government to suppress quest for Biafra.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has accused Britain of orchestrating the Nigerian government’s suppression of Biafra.

IPOB said it was hypocritical of the British government to be against the quest for Biafra when it allowed Scotland conduct a referendum.

In a statement released on Wednesday by Emma Mezu and Clifford Iroanya, IPOB said the “restoration of Biafra” is unstoppable and as such, the British government is wasting its time.

“It is hypocritical of the British government to support Nigerian government in violently suppressing the quest for Biafra self-determination when the same British government opted out of European Union. This same British government allowed Scotland to conduct referendum without using B52 bombers to bomb the Scottish people,” read the statement.

“Why is it that the British government is so livid when it comes to the right of self-determination of the Biafran people? The most laughable aspect of British government‘s objection to Biafra exit from Nigeria is the lame excuse of believing in the territorial integrity of pre-independence Nigeria.

“But Nigeria’s territorial integrity is not the same from independence till date because the world is aware that a section of Nigeria called Bakassi had been ceded to the Cameroons, even though the Nigerian Constitution was not adjusted to exclude that ceded section.

“Also, the British government tried everything to resist the phasing-out of colonialism, but its resistance came to naught because colonialism was defeated even though the British played a trick on the world by giving the impression that Nigeria is no longer colonized whereas, in practice, Nigeria is still controlled and pillaged by the British government.

“The latest gimmick of hiding behind Nigerian officials will not do any good to the British government because Biafrans can read in-between the lines to decipher when the British government is speaking through these Nigerian government officials.

“We will like to advise the Nigerian government officials being used by Britain that they are wasting their time because the restoration of the nation of Biafra is unstoppable and irreversible.

“One incontrovertible fact the British government and their Nigerian collaborators must bear in mind is that the civilized world had determined that self-determination is an inalienable right and there is nothing anybody can do about it. Biafra is a must, whether the purveyors of iniquity in the name of keeping Nigeria one, like it or not.”


Source: The Cable

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