Fayose is a huge shame to the PDP – Sheriff faction

The two factions of the Peoples Democratic Party in the South West region have rekindled the crisis rocking the party and the controversies over who controls the party leadership structure following a meeting called by the Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose, on Monday.

Mr. Fayose convened a meeting of some leaders of the Ahmed Makarfi group in Ado-Ekiti, where it resolved to reject Ali Modu Sherif’s leadership of the party, and to back a Supreme Court appeal to set aside the Appeal Court judgment recognising Mr. Sheriff.

Mr. Fayose also used to occasion to disparage Mr. Sheriff, describing him as an impostor who pretends to lead the PDP, but hobnobs with the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.

“To me, the PDP is one under Ahmed Makarfi. I want you to be speaking out against President Muhammadu Buhari’s government, nobody can kill you,” Mr. Fayose had said.

“They said the PDP people are corrupt, but if you look critically, the PDP are mere petty thieves while APC members are super robbers. They are only interested in destroying and oppressing our members while the people groan in sufferings. Today, the country is under emergency situation.

“They said we should use political means to settle our differences, let me say that even if we reconcile there are some people I can’t be in the same party with. They are dirty and people like us can’t associate with them.”

But the regional PDP loyal to Mr. Sheriff condemned the meeting of the Makarfi faction held in Ekiti State on Monday, at the behest of Mr. Fayose.

The group in a statement by its Vice Chairman, South West, Makanjuola Ogundipe, said Mr. Fayose lacked the powers to call such a meeting.

He said Mr. Fayose was “the big shame” bedeviling the PDP family, especially in the South West.

“Fayose’s action in summoning a meeting he lacks the right to call at a time when well-meaning leaders and elders are calling for restraint and reconciliation is most despicable,” Mr. Ogundipe said.

“Otherwise, how do we describe his action and utterances under the guise of a non-existent and illegal South West PDP leaders forum?

“In what capacity did he call the meeting of South West PDP leaders? Can a Governor call a zonal PDP leaders meeting? Has he been able to call a full meeting of the PDP Governors’ Forum which he purports to lead?

“We thank God that most of the respectable leaders of our party in the South West shunned the illegal gathering.”

He said the governor had become a slave to his ambition, and so attempts to destroy a solid and responsible institution like the PDP.

“At the height of his executive rascality, Fayose would throw every rule of the game to the rubbish bag as long as he continues to dwell in his fool’s Paradise,” Mr. Ogundipe further stated.

“He denigrates the judiciary when a judgment or ruling does not favour. Yet, this same funny character seeks succour from the same institution that he vilifies with reckless abandon. It is only an unbalanced character that switches like this.

He called on leaders and elders of the party not to allow Mr. Fayose to do further havoc to the party before he takes his imminent exit.

“PDP is a party built on the rule of law. Therefore, all well-meaning and law-abiding leaders and members should not allow an impostor to destroy its fortunes,” he added.


Source: Premium Times

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