CNN Poll Reveals Nigerians Still Drinking Fanta, Sprite Despite Court Ruling.

Despite being in the eye of the storm lately over the controversy surrounding benzoate preservatives, favourite beverage brands, Fanta and Sprite, appear to still enjoy the confidence and trust of Nigerian consumers, according to a CNN Poll.

Conducted by CNNAfrica via its twitter handle @CNNAfrica, the poll had 61% of Nigerians saying they weren’t bothered by the court ruling and are still drinking Fanta and Sprite compared to 39% who would rather not for now. The poll which was open for a limit period had 1,108 respondents, 170 retweets, 36 likes and 42 replies.

Interestingly, the numbers are a sharp contrast to what critics and some media headlines are reporting, speculating that consumers are boycotting both drinks. The CNN News sites even had a report too suggesting this, shortly before the poll was conducted. Talk about the power of brands…!

Here are some of the comments from the voters. I promise they will leave you in stitches. (LoL)

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