Zambian police raid newspaper editor’s home, arrest wife.

Police raided the home of a government-criticial Zambian editor-in-chief, but were unable to arrest him because he was abroad, local media reported on Thursday.

Police instead arrested the wife of Fred M’membe, editor-in-chief of The Post newspaper, which was closed down in June.

Witnesses said Mr. M’membe’s wife, Mutinta, was roughed up, and that journalist Joan Chirwa was prevented from leaving the house during the raid on Wednesday.

The local media said more police arrived at the house.

The raid followed moves by Mr. M’membe to challenge in court the liquidation of the assets of The Post, which was closed down on grounds that it had more than 4 million dollars in tax arrears.

The newspaper has had no activity since November 2, 2016 when it was placed under liquidation.

Police sources said police had arrest warrants for Mr. M’membe and his lawyer.

The charges say Mr. M’membe cannot take court action concerning the newspaper, because it is under liquidation.

“Police also tried to prevent the printing of The Mast, a newspaper launched by M’membe’s wife, but it was nevertheless on sale on the streets on Thursday morning,’’ witnesses said.

It said that The Post had written critically about the government of President Edgar Lungu.

Amnesty International has accused the government of trying to silence critical media. (dpa/NAN)

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