JUST IN: 5-year-old Aaliyah attacked by dogs in Lagos has passed on.

Aliyah, the 5-year-old girl attacked on Monday by 3 dogs in Lagos has died. She passed on at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, Wednesday evening. She had been transferred from the Ikorodu General Hospital, where she was first admitted.

Punch had reported that Aliyah was sleeping at home on Alhaji Abdul Hakeem Bin Sulaimon Avenue, off Ewuren Road, Ikorodu, when an Alsatian dog broke loose.

The dog, named Rover, was one of the 15 other dogs owned by the landlord who is based in London, United Kingdom.

It dragged Aliyah to the back of the house where two other Alsatian dogs joined it in attacking her.

They inflicted multiple injuries on her body in an attack residents said lasted for about two hours.

The father, Wasiu, who was responsible for the care of the dogs, had reportedly gone to buy the dogs’ feed when the incident happened.

Around 11pm of that day, some residents reportedly invaded the house and killed Rover.

The father told the newspaper yesterday that: “This afternoon, the doctors said her condition had worsened and she was not breathing normally again.”

“They said they would need to take her to the Intensive Care Unit where I would spend about N500,000 per day.

“They have not been asking for money from me, except for the drugs. Please help me ask Nigerians for support.”

Around 6pm, Wasiu informed Punch Metro that Aliyah had been pronounced dead and broke down in tears


Source: DailyPost

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