Dele Alli’s parents desperate to reconcile with him

Parents of Tottenham star, Dele Alli, are currently pleading to reconcile with the player after he was abandoned by them.

Alli, now earning $60,000 a week in London, was allegedly a product of a short relationship between Kehinde Alli and his mother, Denise.

Kehinde Alli, later split from Denise and took Dele with him to Lagos, where Dele grew till he was about 11 years old before returning to England.

Alli, reportedly married a new woman in 2006.

With the recent success of Dele Alli, things have taken a new turn as Kehinde Alli has dumped his new wife to reconcile with Dele Alli’s mother in a frantic effort to get “his family” back together.

Both Kehinde and Denise are reportedly begging Dele Alli to let them back into his life after he has refused to speak with them since 3 years, a family source told newsmen.

The source revealed Dele does not feel connected to them at the moment and that he could consider their request after much consideration.


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  • David Faps

    I don’t know how or where this rubbish story came about. His dad has always been there and never left him. There’s something fishy going on.

  • SonOf Young

    Reading this false baseless claims is below Omojuwa’s standards. I can’t believe you will let such a factless article be on your blog. Its appalling cause what I read on the Mirror which was also vague on facts contradicts this article. If you want to retain readers I recommend you do fact checks. This isn’t even fake news. It’s news that can cost your blog to be redundant in less than a year. Please share stories that reflect reality and tell your posters to go out and get more facts on stories. Very embarrassing I’m sorry. Please don’t take it personal. Once a fan of Omojuwa

  • James Dada

    This story is false. You need to do a thorough investigation before going public with your story. I am a friend of Kenny Alli, I know him and his family very well and I’m saddened with your false publication. We will soon expose you and the other individuals behind this false publication. You need to recant your story immediately, so that your blog will remain authentic.
    James D. (Texas)