Cut off hands of those who stole our money – NLC

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has  asked the  government to cut off the hands of those found to have stolen public funds to serve as deterrent for others while also naming and shaming them.

Addressing a protest rally for good governance at the Unity Fountain in Abuja, President of Congress, Comrade Ayuba Wabba said it was unfortunate that a few individuals have stolen the nation’s common wealth, while nothing has been done to bring them to book.

Wabba said government must take concrete steps to prove to the world that it was serious win the fight against corruption and recover all stolen money, including the 22 billion dollars not remitted to the federation account from sale of oil and gas.

He said when the hands of such people are amputated, Nigerians will be able to identify them as those who stole public funds and who are responsible for the current economic recession in the country.

He said: “We must not allow a situation where few, because of their interest will hold the system to ransom. We are demanding increase in electricity supply and they are saying pay more tariff. We are demanding increase in minimum wage and they say they are going to be paying in percentage. We should not be tired.

“Why should somebody steal one billion naira and walk the street free. We are demanding that they should be named and shamed. We are also demanding that one of their hands be cut off so that when we see them, we will know that they are people that has stolen our money.

“So, let us not be tired. Not to pay salaries  and pensions is criminal. Not to increase our wages in this condition is corruption  and so, we must demand good governance and support the fight against corruption.”

According to Wabba: “It is obvious that what we are doing today is in our collect interest. As working class and our families and as Nigerians, we must always make our voice know and heard very clearly.

“Today, with what is happening in our system, we are actually at the receiving end because there is near absence of good governance and corruption is also fighting back very badly and we have been at the receiving end. Instead of addressing those challenges and paying salaries, what the are doing in some states is paying salaries in percentages.

“The height of this challenge is the absence of good governance, accountability, transparency and the rule of law, any system that does not have those ingredients, the first group that will suffer is the working class and their families and the citizens.

“That is why we are matching to canvass for good governance and also to lend our voice to saying that the fight against corruption must continue. If you look at the NEITI report, it states clearly that unremitted fund from the sale of oil and gas amount to another 22 billion dollars.”

Vice President of Industrial Global Union and General Secretary of National Union of Textiles, Garment and Tailoring Workers of Nigeria, comrade Issa Aremu said everything Labour warned Nigerians against during the fuel pride increase in 2016 has come to pass, but expressed happiness that Nigerians have decided to come out and demand accountability from the government.

Aremu said the only way to get the country out of the current recession was for the government to reflate the economy and pay adequate salary to workers, pointing out that without payment of salaries and allowances to workers, the fight against corruption will not succeed.



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