Crimes Against Humanity Bill passes second reading at HOR

The bill seeking to enforce the punishment of crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide, has passed second reading at the house of representatives.

Speaking on the floor of the house on Tuesday, Ossai Ossai, sponsor of the bill, explained that it would provide for appropriate sanctions to those guilty of such crimes.

He added that the bill would help bring to justice those who have taken laws into their own hands.

“Nigeria signed the international criminal court of justice treaty in 2000, the national assembly has the powers to domesticate such treaties,” the legislator said.

“One of the benefits of this bill is that it will provide appropriate sanctions to perpetrators of such acts and if someone commits a crime and runs away, he will still be brought to book internationally.”

Contributing to the debate, Nkem Uzoma-Abonta, an Abia lawmaker, said the country is currently undergoing some of these crimes the bill was seeking to address.

On her part, Nnena Ukeje, also a lawmaker from Abia, said the bill would strengthen the country’s laws against such crimes.

Also, Garba Datti from Kaduna, said the “domestication of the bill will provide protection of citizens and uphold the rule of law.”

The bill was passed for second reading after it was put to a voice vote by Yakubu Dogara, the speaker.


Source: The Cable

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