Ali Modu Sherrif’s victory, an end to the impunity of APC – Lagos PDP chairman

Segun Adewale, Lagos state chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has described the victory of Ali Modu Sherrif at the appeal court as a precursor to the end of the “impunity” of the ruling party, All Progressives Congress (APC).

On Friday, a court of appeal in Port Harcourt declared Sheriff as the legitimate national chairman of the party.

Ahmed Makarfi and Sheriff factions of the party have tested their claim to the leadership of PDP in courts in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, resulting in contradictory court orders.

In a statement issued on Monday, Adewale said the ruling of the court will afford the party the opportunity to reunite and form a formidable force ahead of the 2019 general election.

“The affirmation of Sen Ali Modu Sheriff as the authentic national chairman of the PDP is not just a victory to those of us that believes in his leadership but a victory to the grassroots members of the PDP that now have a voice,” Adewale said.

“It is also a victory to our democratic institutions, the rebirth of a formidable opposition which will definitely engender the delivery of good governance and bring end to the impunity of the ruling APC government.”

He congratulated Sherrif, referring to him as the hope of the common man in the party.

Adewale added that Nigerians were looking up to the PDP to save them from the current economic crisis plaguing the nation.

“This victory by all intent and purpose signals an end to the era of impunity, disregard to our party constitution and blatant egocentric behaviour of some individuals that have virtually turned the party into their private estate. All these clogs in the wheels of progress of our great party is what Senator Sheriff seeks to end and that is what this victory has ensured,” Adewale said.

“It is crystal clear that Nigerians are anxiously looking up to the Peoples Democratic Party for solutions to the present economic holocausts ravaging the nation. Nigerians are regretting the monumental error of voting a visionless party into power, a party that has subjected Nigerians to an unprecedented hunger.

“Let me use this golden opportunity to appreciate immensely the relentless effort and passion of senator Ali Modu Sheriff towards securing an enduring future for ordinary members of our party. Without doubt, his resolve to ensure grassroots participation in decision making within the party is the most assured way of building an enduring political party structure.

“Without any fear of contradiction, APC has failed Nigerians woefully, posterity will therefore not forgive us, as the last hope of a common man if we fail to bury our differences and rise up collectively to the challenges of rescuing the nation from this APC confusion.

“The nation is in serious danger if left in the hands of these incompetent politicians that are obviously mismanaging our common heritage.”

Makarfi has rejected the ruling of the appeal court, vowing to file an appeal at the supreme court.


Source: The Cable

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