Acting President Osinbajo meets with labour leaders, promises good governance.

Leaders of organised labour met with Acting President Yemi Osinbajo on Thursday to present a letter bordering on the welfare of Nigerian workers.

Members of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) held a protest in Abuja to demand good governance.

Some of their placards read: ‘High Electricity Tariff + Increase in Fuel Price = Factory Closure, Job Losses’, ‘Stop Importation of Petroleum Products, Refine at Home’, and ‘Gagging the press is Encouraging Corruption’.

Addressing reporters after meeting Osinbajo, Ayuba Wabba, president of the NLC, said they told the acting president that there was a disconnect between the centre and the state.

“We presented our letter of demands, we reminded him (Osinbajo) that this is the second time we are marching for good governance, we have also marched to support the fight against corruption,” he said.

“We told him that despite all that is going on there is no connect with what is happening at the centre and the states because up till today, the funds of some local government have not been released.

“Despite the bailout, despite the Paris club up till now we are yet to see something tangible. We are still discussing the issues of salaries, pension and gratuity.

“He informed us, that is myself and the TUC president, that they were cataloguing these things. Everything was documented, see the documents.

“He appreciated the fact that we came in an orderly manner to table our demands, saying that is what is expected.

“He said every item on that agenda is going to receive the attention of government. We also reminded them that on pensioners because we have also been at the receiving end.”

Wabba said the government must always consider its citizens when formulating policies.

“Basically this has received a favourable response and attention. All the three arms of government need to be together, we must have good laws. They must look at the citizens in whatever policies they churn out,” he said.

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