Washington braces up for massive protests as Trump takes oath of office

Law enforcement officers in Washington were on Friday in brace for hundreds of thousands of people planning to celebrate or protest Donald Trump’s inauguration as president of the United States.

About 900,000 people were expected to jam-pack central Washington, including the grassy National Mall facing the Capitol, where the New York businessman and former reality TV star will be sworn in.

A disparate group of liberal activists irked by comments by Trump about women, illegal immigrants and Muslims have planned protests throughout central Washington.

Supporters of Trump, who has never before held elected office, were expected to fill the streets to cheer the man they see as bringing a fresh approach to politics and sparking economic growth.

One of the largest anti-Trump protests expected on Friday will be organised by the ANSWER Coalition, a broad-based liberal group, which expects to have thousands at the US Navy Memorial, along the parade route.

“It’s Day One, we’re saying, of a larger era of resistance, and we believe we’re going to send a very powerful message to Trump and the government,” Ben Becker, 33, an organiser with the group, said.

“The Trump agenda is very comprehensive. It includes attacks on Muslims, immigrants, on women’s rights, on workers’ rights.

“So really, no matter what community you’re a part of, you have a stake in this fight.”

Trump supporters also flooded into the capital, many sporting baseball caps bearing his “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan.

Jackson Rouse, an 18-year-old high school senior from northeastern Arkansas, who skipped school to attend the inauguration with his father, expressed concern.

He said several dozen Democratic congressmen and congresswomen planned to stay away from the inauguration in protest.

“I think he was voted in fairly and it was a fair election,” he said.

“I love Trump. I expect changes and I expect he’s going to do everything he said he was going to do.”


Source: The Cable

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  • Rick Nash

    Canadian Media and the POLITICIANS the citizens have to be careful what the utter as Mr,Trump is legally chosen President by the People it will affect our relationship with our Neighbours. We the Canadian public are fed up Just like the Americans thats the reason People elected trump same thing is going to happen in Canada people are fed up with this political correctness.So The call for paying $2500 per head by the loosing politicians and jihadis to demonstrate against legally elected Mr.Trump s working? Is damaging shops buildings public places is good for the country Peaceful yes not this Whats wrong with Americans and The media specially Canadian Media and the Canadian politicians This is President chosen by the people by the democratic way. 8 years Obama was accepted no body said it was Blackwash? Trump is here to take care of the economy Health borders Trade Education prevent criminals& jihadi s coming illegally to destroy our country He’s here for the Blacks Whites brown yellow rich or poor middle-class americans Let this man be allowed to do his work first watch him for sometime then do what ever you want Shame on you we can see muslims criminals in the crowd that”s strange