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“Sycophants make it hard for entertainers to remain humble” – DJ Jimmy Jatt

A lot of Nigerian entertainers are surrounded by sycophants, hence their lack of humility, says Jimmy Jatt, renowned disc-jockey.

The veteran DJ made the assertion while speaking on The Gist with Emma Ugolee, a show which aired on Hip TV over the weekend.

Ugolee, host of the show asked guests, Ayo Makun and Jimmy Jatt, to weigh in on the effects of fame on entertainers.

He asked: “Why do artistes change and forget everything they learn when they get fame and money, considering that most are from humble backgrounds?”

Jimmy Jatt responded by saying the entertainment industry is structured such that a newcomer can expect to get the top overnight.

He said: “They are surrounded by sycophants that tell them that they are more than what they are. If you have people that will always hold you down and keep you grounded, you won’t get to that point.

“In school, you have to pass exams to move to the next class. In entertainment, people pray to get in, and when they do, they are praying to have a PhD almost immediately.”

The disc jockey further added that entertainers can remain level-headed if they “understand” that there’s always another challenge after every accomplishment.

“You need to understand that whatever level you have gotten to, there are more levels to go. You can’t be bigger than all your fans,” he added.


Source: The Cable

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