Senator Omoyele Omogunwa asks Nigerian Senate to legalize corruption.

Omoyele Omogunwa, a senator from Ondo state, has called for the legalisation of corruption in the country.


Speaking on the floor of the u?pper legislative chamber on Wednesday, Omogunwa lamented that corruption was pervasive in the country. He argued that it should be “legalised”.


He said there was corruption in the judiciary, and even within the anti-corruption ?agencies.


He said if corruption was legalised, Nigerians who stole public funds would use them in building factories and industries in the country, instead of having them stashed away abroad.


Omogunwa said this while making his contributing to the debate on the 2017 budget.


He added that the performance of the 2016 budget should be examined first before that of 2017 is determined.


The official twitter handle of the senate also confirmed Omogunwa’s suuggestion, writing: “Senator Omogunwa notes that Budgets doesn’t have maximal impact due to corruption. He says corruption shld be legalized/liberalized then.”


See tweet below:


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