Reps suspend plenary for 3 weeks to ‘enable Nigerians contribute to budget’

Abdulrazak Namdas, spokesman of the house of representatives, says for the first time, Nigerians will have a chance to contribute to the budget process.

Speaking with journalists on Thursday, Namdas said plenary would be adjourned for three weeks to enable legislators work extensively on the 2017 budget proposals.

He said during the three weeks, the house would create a special public hearing for Nigerians to give their input on the budget.

“We have adjourned the plenary to 21st of February to be specific and I should be quoted correctly. We are not going on recess. We are only adjourning plenary,” he said.

“So that it would give us the opportunity to work on the 2017 budget so that by the time we are back we should be able to hasten the completion of work on the budget.

“This time around, we have introduced for the first time a public hearing on the budget so that journalists, civil society organisations (CSOs), notable Nigerians will be here to see and also give their input as it will be a collective job.”

He said within the three-week period some lawmakers would embark on their oversight functions.

“Within this period we will also be going on oversight for those people who haven’t done their oversight along with the budget functions,” he said.

Both chambers of the national assembly would resume plenary on February 21.

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