Politics is the worst profession in Africa, says deputy senate leader.

Bala Na’Allah, deputy senate leader, says politics is the worst profession anyone can venture into in Africa, “particularly in Nigeria”.

In an interview with DAILY TRUST, Na’Allah who represents Kebbi south, said most public figures find it difficult to take care of their basic needs after leaving office.

“Politics is the worst profession anybody can venture into in Africa, particularly in Nigeria,” he said.

“Look around you to see how former ministers, former senators, former reps are finding it difficult to take care of their basic needs.

“The fact that when you come to the senate or house, banks give you loans to be deducted in four years from your salaries and allowances is not it. You live big only during that period, but go and find out how the politicians live, one year after leaving office.

“A lot of people don’t understand that apart from your salaries and allowances, except if you are a criminal or corrupt, you are not likely to leave the senate or house with anything. It will even be worse if at the end of your tenure you aspire to either maintain your position or for a bigger office.”

The legislator also spoke on his love for flying, saying pilots in Nigeria earn more than legislators in the national assembly.

“You could say I delved into flying when my son challenged me,” he said.

“When we brought the aircraft here and he told me that flying is difficult, I told him that nothing is difficult in my life. So I decided to go back to school. Luckily for me, I started flying solo at only 11 hours and everybody was surprised.

“As it is now, my entire family, excluding my wife, are in the Aviation Industry. My daughter is in flying school in Ilorin, Kwara state and my second son is already in the United States, also flying.

“I have five pilots who fly for me. Except for the last one we took, I’m sure that there is none of them who does not earn more than what I do in the national assembly.

“Nigeria is one of the countries where pilots take the highest pay, how and why it is so, I don’t know. What a captain receives in America, may probably be half of what a captain receives in Nigeria. And that is the truth.”

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