OPINION: Why President Buhari, Pastor Adeboye Goofed – By Peter Inyali

I’m just wondering why a respected man Of God like Pastor Enoch Adeboye will allow himself to be used by politicians. Immediately I read his story advising other governors to be lousy like Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti state, I knew something was wrong. In fact, I knew there was more to the  story than catch the eye.

After reading how controversial the former FRC council is in today’s Sun Newspaper as well as his role in the ousting of Mallam Sanusi as CBN governor in 2014, I have no choice than to blame President Buhari and Pastor Adeboye for the controversy generated by the later resignation as General Overseer of RCCG.

I blame the President for deliberately allowing a man who played a pivotal role in the removal of Sanusi for daring to expose the theft and looting in Jonathan’s government to be part of his government for almost two years. From what I’ve read, there are not few than ten petitions on mismanagement of funds against Obazee, the ousted Executive Secretary of the organization. You cannot be fighting corruption while housing some corrupt officials like Obazee.

Investigation by National Daily Newspaper revealed that the Minister of Trade and Investment where the council falls under asked the FRC former boss to suspend that law before he announced the implementation in October last year but he flaws his orders.

Besides, Obazee is a strong ally of former President Jonathan. President Buhari had no excuse to have kept  this man in government. A man who was accused of sexual harassment should not be part of anti-corruption administration.

For Pastor Adeboye, I wonder why he needed a Fayose visit to obey the directives. With his experience and his position in the society, he would have handled the issue better. I’m beginning to believe that some powerful men of God also benefited from Jonathan’s loot and bonanza and therefore are doing everything to scuttle the Buhari administration.

Both President Buhari and Adeboye goofed. I have no doubt that there are many people like Obazee who were appointed by Jonathan and still in power working against Buhari’s policies. This should be an eye opener for the government and should serve as a compelling reason for the President to set up boards comprising of people who can help him to succeed.

The appointment of the CBN governor who was brought to cover the illicit activities Sanusi exposed should be reviewed. His inconsistent monetary policies are not working. If the APC led federal government is ready for any meaningful change, these people should all go starting from the CBN Governor.

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