LAUTECH: The Story of a Motherless Baby [Poem] – By Pele Olabanji

The groaning of child birth

Reminds me of mothers

All over the universe

Those who are still alive

Even those who have gone beyond


In pains, unbearable and excruciating

They long for the cry of their baby

Their discomfort notwithstanding

The innocent loud cry

Is more than a comfort to them


Nine months of determination

Nine months of perseverance

Nine months of heaviness

Still, they remain steadfast

Waiting for the arrival of their child


A child curdled in his/her mother’s arm

Unlike a child in the hand of an hiring

Can tell of how satisfying

That calm, and tender loving arms could be

It’s a place of comfort, an heaven on earth!


A child that enjoy motherly affection

Have a better story of life to tell

They who do not, mature in suffering

With their rights denied

And their hope, cloudy.


But how unfortunate is a motherless child?

Everyone voices to be her mother

Yet, nobody is ready to pick up her responsibility

A deceived child of all

Who is indeed a child of none.


What then is more unfortunate

For an innocent child to be mistreated

What then is more unfortunate

Than toying with his/her future

Creating more havoc than good.


The saying that a new born baby

Should not suffer evil in the market square

When the elders are present.

Is becoming an old saying

A mere codswallop and claptrap


For I have seen a new born child

Suffered humiliation in the hands of the elders

I have seen an innocent child

Disregarded by wicked hiring, called mothers

An heartless, irresponsible ones.


The same is the case of LAUTECH

With innocent sons and daughters

Who are students of the institution

They’ve suffered, in fact still suffering

In the hands of those who ought to curdle them.


Seven wasted months of industrial actions

A seven fold waste of destiny

Yet no one listen to the cry of this helpless baby, LAUTECH

Who will stand up for her?

Who will come to her rescue?


Enough, enough of this malady

Enough, enough of scattering

Enough, enough of irresponsibility

Let the womb that brought this child

Takes full responsibility of her.


Thousand of disciplined students

Across the country beg for the re-opening of her gate

Oh, helpless fearless LAUTECH

Normality will be restored to you

And your once upon a time integrity


LAUTECH is crying aloud,

She seeks for justice

Justice in all its ramifications

For it is only justice

That can remedy injustice, not time.


Pele Olabanji

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