Domestic Violence: If a man hits you once, please pack your bag & leave – Yvonne Jegede

Nigerian actress, Yvonne Jegede has added her voice unconsciously to the ongoing debate about domestic violence.


She took to one of her social media platforms to react to a story about a man who have been abusing his wife of 10 years. In her short but informative post, she was unapologetic and will not consider a second chance if hit by her husband.


Below, is what she posted;


“Fellow women of this world, I really don’t think this topic of domestic violence can be emphasized enough. It is a simple as you being in that position that you can’t as much as breath because your next move or next thing you say can result to this.


If a man hits you once, I beg pack your bag and leave, you survive this one today doesn’t guarantee you will survive the next one.


People have died from it and are still dying from it #DomesticViolenceKills, leaving the children to suffer “you actually thought staying because of them would change anything”. Let me put this out there, nobody is worth injured like this for.


Life as it is, is tough enough already, you should be able to have a home you go to and be at PEACE.”

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