BREAKING: Sergey Mavrodi’s Ponzi Scheme, MMM Is Finally Back.

Ponzi scheme, MMM Nigeria just announced their long awaited resumption a day earlier to their official resumption date via their official twitter handle.


The scheme officially tweeted their resumption with a caption “this is to officially inform you that MMM Nigeria is open for business a day earlier than promised! Let’s go there Nigerians!”


The popular financial scheme which announced its ‘freeze’ in mid-December 2016 assured its over three million subscribers to resume January 14, 2017 unexpectedly resumed a day earlier, January 13, 2017.


The scheme via its website apologized to its participants and cheered them with its popular slogan ‘together we can change the world’, assuring them to have no fear of expecting any emergency.


The founder furthermore pleaded with the authorities and mass media to leave attacking the scheme.


“I’d again like to call on the authorities and the mass media: please leave us alone! Have mercy on us.” He pleaded.


Read tweet below:


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