BREAKING: Gambia’s Yahya Jammeh ‘agrees’ to step down

Yahya Jammeh has agreed to step down as president of The Gambia, according to reports.


Nicholas Germain, a France 24 journalist, quoted sources as saying Jammeh is currently writing a statement where he accepts to cede power.



Jammeh, who lost Gambia’s presidential election to Adama Barrow, initially accepted defeat and congratulated his opponents, but changed his mind and decided to challenge the outcome of the election.


Attempts by ECOWAS leaders to make him step down was met with stiff resistance.


In a last-minute effort to convince him to cede power, Presidents of Liberia and Guinea went to Banjul on Friday.


Military forces from Senegal had earlier crossed into Gambia in an attempt to oust Jammeh.


Barrow was sworn into office in the Gambian high commission in Dakar, Senegal, on Thursday. He fled to Dakar on Saturday for security reasons.


Source: The Cable

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