World Celebrities Stand For Syria, Campaign To Raise Relief Fund

Many world celebrities have stood up in unison to not just raise awareness regarding events unfolding in Syria, but to also raise fund for children who are unfortunately the most affected in the troubled region.

 Most of the celebrities are campaigning on their social media platform and pleading for assistance for the embattled kids in Syria. Below are some of their instagram posts soliciting for support and prayer for Syria.

These pictures are REAL and happening right now. We MUST take a stand and help however we can. I'm sitting here in tears completely saddened and broken by what the world is. The pain, the death, the killing of innocent lives is inhuman. Children, families, lives being destroyed. It is not a time where we can turn a blind eye and ignore what is happening in our world. You don't have to be Syrian to recognise this is a war, a fight a painful and awful way to live and to die. You have to BE HUMAN. We have to help. I feel helpless in these moments. But I know I can use my voice and my platform to the thousands of people that look at my pictures and ask you kindly with me to donate. To help in any which way you can. #prayforsyria #aleppo #aleppo_is_burning #alepponeedsus http://www.karamfoundation.org/emergency-aid-children-of-syria

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Please give it can make such a differece❤️

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There are no words that can explain the sadness I feel for the people of Aleppo. Over the last few days I've seen things I can barely comprehend. A father holding his two lifeless daughters. A child clinging to his father, who has been killed, begging him not to leave him. What's happening is real. These people are no different from us. These children deserve safety and protection. This torture, this violence, this inhumanity, it has to stop. 💔💔💔 There are many ways you can help: Support The White Helmets: herofund.whitehelmets.org. Donate to doctorswithoutborders.org who provide medical aid. Support the International Rescue Committee www.rescue.org. Support @savethechildren who help children and families affected by the conflict.

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