Sagay: Magu will be there whether the Senate likes it or not.

Itse Sagay, chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Corruption, says the appointment of Ibrahim Magu, chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), will be “renewed” whether he is confirmed or not.

On Thursday, the senate refused to confirm Magu’s appointment after leaving the matter pending for five months.

But in a previous chat with The Interview, which was only revealed on Thursday, Sagay said: “Whether they like it or not, he (Magu) will be there. His chairmanship will keep on being renewed.

“Since Nuhu Ribadu left, we have not had a man with such sterling qualities as Ibrahim Magu and whether they like it or not, Magu will be there until he completes his term under the law.”

The EFCC chairman has a four-year tenure. From the EFCC Act, non-confirmation does not impair his duties.

Azu Ishiekwene, managing editor (MD)/editor-in-chief, described the edition as “arguably the best kept secret in the anti-corruption war”.

In the interview, Sagay said Magu’s delayed confirmation was “corruption fighting back”.

Also speaking on corruption in the judiciary, he said what retiring chief justices collect off the books is “frightening and totally unrelated to what the judiciary is entitled to”.

The National Judicial Council (NJC) recently suspended seven justices on allegations of corruption and two of them have so far been arraigned.

The Interview said its investigations, which Sagay neither confirmed nor denied, indicated that the NJC pays retiring justices up to N800m in cash and provides a house valued at N500m, off the books.

The practice started around 2010 and virtually all retired CJs have benefited from it.

“Something very serious is happening there,” Sagay said.

“Those rumours have some basis.”

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