2019: Politicians Launch New Party, Submit Application To INEC

Politicians across the six geopolitical zones took a leap on Monday night in Abuja, by holding the inaugural meeting of a new political party known as the Action Democratic Party (ADP), saying that the association had applied for registration with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

It is uncertain if this new party has any relationship with the alliance being contemplated by the faction of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) led by Senator Ahmed Makarfi, which currently controls 11 states in the country, and some prominent members of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to form a new mega party, however, the PDP had made it clear recently that it has no intention of changing its name, even with an alliance.

The meeting of the proposed ADP, which was chaired by a prominent politician from the North-central zone, Mr. Yagbagi Sani, briefed members of the progress made so far in the registration of the party and what needed to be done to complete the registration process.

During the meeting held at the interim secretariat of the planned party in Asokoro, Abuja, which was graced by members – many of them, former members of the PDP, APC and the Social Democratic Party (SDP) – from all the geo-political zones of the country, the new party also adopted the political association’s name, ADP, and a logo depicting a hand holding a book.

While welcoming members to the maiden meeting, Sani said that some prominent politicians (many of them do not want their names to be mentioned for now) decided to embark on the current journey to save the country from the impending political anarchy.

He informed his audience: “Ladies and gentlemen, I have no doubt in my mind that we are all politically conscious citizens—desirous of a better country for ourselves and our people; hence we wasted no time in answering the call to be part of a movement that is meant to achieve only that.

“The political space in Nigeria at the moment can best be described as chaotic; this is for want of a better adjective. Wherever one looks, there is an overwhelming sense of despondency among the people.

“All over the news and opinion columns, citizens of Nigeria are yearning for a new political direction and hope in the present political manifestations.

“The reasons are not too far-fetched; take a look at any of the prominent political parties and you would find that they are already in disarray or on the brink of breakups.
“They are all neck deep in one form of crisis or the other. It is either they are battling a leadership crisis, a credibility crisis, or both. This is in addition to pervasive issues of mutual distrust and loyalty.”

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