Opinion: Who is corrupt- Magu, Daura, or all of the above? – By Peregrino Brimah

It can’t be none of the above. It’s either Lawal Daura is right and EFCC boss Ibrahim Magu is a corrupt man, or Daura is corruptly accusing Magu of corruption in order to jeopardise the corruption war. Or both of them are corrupt.

So as more Nigerians slowly become wailers, I throw this question to the reader: A, B, or C?

While we painfully entertain ourselves with the dogfight going on among Buhari’s agency bosses, one can draw certain conclusions without pretending to know more than is in public domain.

One. Magu lives in opulence. He lives in a N20 million a year upscale mansion in Maitama. That’s about $66,000 on rent alone, furnishing not included. Is this corruption? I guess it depends. Two. Magu did not investigate his good friend Air Commodore Mohammed Umar for corruption till the DSS decided to. Three. Magu keeps federal documents in his home, which is risky and illegal. All these issues are in the DSS report and have been confirmed by PremiumTimes.

For those of us who have not focused on Magu, and refuse to quiz why numerous known corrupt cabal rogues remain free of EFCC jaws while the Sarakis including his wife and select PDP men get the finger from the department; we witnessed one story that was clearly a misuse and abuse of power: the arrest and detention of blogger Abu Sidiqu for non-economic and financial crimes.

When it comes to SSS boss Daura, it is scary to imagine or confirm as it may be that he may be so corrupt and vindictive to even top Buhari appointees. While at least half appears true, if just half of the case against Magu is untrue then a Security department boss who can do so to a known public agency boss can do unthinkable things to ruling party opponents and people like Nnamdi Kanu, Dasuki, Zakzaky and all other known and unknown Toms, Dicks and Harrys.

A corrupt public official is a grave danger not to himself but to the entire nation. And being appointees and not elected officials like the despised Senate, every extra day corrupt appointees remain in power, Buhari is party to the corruption and is corrupt. Buratai’s Dubai millions, Abba Kyari’s cases, Lawal Babachir’s IDP green grass case and Dambazzau’s cases as well as the CBN and FIRS nepotism cases and the CBN forex subsidy to the cabal case are still on the table or do we say, not on Buhari’s table.

The precipitant question obviously is: does Buhari lack care or capacity?

Are you wailing yet?

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