Is Buhari Out Of Sync With Nigerians? – By Adewale Giwa

Many people believe that the emergence of the opposition All Progressives Party (APC) will find a lasting solution to Nigeria’s woes. But, as it is, people who are not parochial in analyzing issues could easily conclude that the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari is not showing any positive sign in tackling the nation’s challenges. This opinion of mine might not go down well with APC supporters/sympathizers who are out there to deceive and defend the government despite the agony that citizens of the country are passing through.


It is approaching two years since Buhari was sworn in as president to lead the country for four years, and things seem to be worse than they were during the administration of Goodluck Jonathan. From the onset of his presidency, Buhari has blamed Jonathan for the poor economic state of the country.


Eighteen months later, Buhari continues to hold Jonathan responsible for the mess Nigeria is in. Someone needs to tell Buhari to stop the blame game and swing into action. Time waits for no one. If it takes President Buhari almost two years to complain, how long will it take him to begin to address the numerous challenges facing the country? Is the body language of Buhari not telling Nigerians that ‘A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame someone else?”


Political observers in the country can paradoxically conclude that whoever criticizes Mr. President will be made to face the consequences. No wonder those present and past politicians who had skeleton in their cupboards cannot talk because it is widely believed that Buhari exiles politicians who dare to criticize his government.


However, it is high time for Nigerians who have no bad criminal record to tell Mr. President to wake up and quickly proffer solutions to the nation’s distress. Journalists, they say, are the ‘watchdog of the society’. If a common man on a street refuses to voice out, it is the duty of journalists to challenge any weak government to save the souls of people. To tell the truth, Nigerians are facing very hard times. This is to say ‘BI O SE N SE OMO ENIYAN NA LO N SE ERANKO’, meaning, ‘As it affects animals, so it affects humans’.


It is time to tell our President that Nigerians can no longer feed their pets let alone feeding themselves. At times, I do think that maybe the president is no longer in Nigeria or he has gone away on a permanent assignment without any consideration to the plight of his people. Is this how we are going to continue with this horrible situation? Is it not better for Nigerians to tell Mr. President that he should put 2019 ambition aside and focus on effective leadership?


As a political animal by nature, I pondered on the possibility of the APC transforming Nigeria with laudable programmes. Rather, I am reminded of the painful reality that we are facing under Buhari’s regime.


It is worrisome that since the inception of the APC in May 30, 2015, almost two years now, Nigeria has been struggling to survive as a nation. To make matters worse, the present administration of APC has placed a ban on the importation of rice which is a staple food.


Mr. President, Is there any offense committed by Nigerians that has warranted this unfortunate bitter experience? Should the president say Nigerians did not show him love by voting him into power? Should Nigeria now blame herself for voting the APC into power?


If the president would be kind enough to let Nigerians know their wrongs, then, there is need to send some notable delegations of foremost traditional rulers so as to pacify him with a view to coming out from this unfortunate mess. The president must also know that Nigerians can no longer bear the agony they are presently experiencing. If peradventure, President Buhari fails to fix the nation’s economy for four years, Nigerians are begging him to yield to the advice of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi who said the solution to Nigeria’ s problems was to split completely. This assertion of the late Gaddafi might sound unpolitical but it is a fact that if the situation persists without seeing the solution(s), disintegration policy should be adopted.


Recall that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) under that previous administration also made life inconvenient for Nigerians, but the scenario has grown worse under President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration. A great leader is someone who cares for and makes sacrifices for his people. Buhari has not shown that he is the leader Nigerians are seeking.


It seems what a British political theorist, Harold Joseph Laski, said about governance has continued to manifest in Nigeria. Laski, in his political theory, argued that it is better for a country to not have a government at all rather than a government under which the people continue to suffer. I think it is high time we looked at it from the angle that why do we have a government in power, yet the situation remains the same.


We should also ask ourselves why is it that what we have been hearing from political leaders is propaganda that cannot stand the test of time? Why has government failed to stabilize electricity in Nigeria since 1960? Why is it that the government of Nigeria does not safeguard the future of her children? Why is it that the same sect of people that ruled in the past are still ruling today in Nigeria? We have heard and seen how PDP government has failed Nigerians since 1999.


But, what can we now say about the APC that portrays to be a good political party, yet it has failed to change people’s lives for the better? What is the vision of the APC in Education in Nigeria? What are the APC governors doing to really actualize the democratic system of the country? What is the APC doing about improving the nation’s infrastructures? In what way do we agree with APC under president Buhari that it will bring change to the Nation’s democracy? Do not forget that Nigerians are crying for what to eat every day. What is the APC government doing to address unemployment the country? Is the Party fighting corruption truly, considering billions of Naira wasting to retain or get power in many states in Nigeria during elections? So, is there any difference between APC and PDP in terms of implementing positive programmes, in terms of ideas and visions? Are the two political parties not playing politics of ”chop make I chop”? Who will save Nigerians?


Please join me in telling our political leaders starting with Mr. Buhari to put Nigeria first in all their endeavors.

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