Woman Gets iPhone7 From Each Of Her 20 Boyfriends & Sells Them To Buy A House

Xiaoli, which is the pseudonym for the woman, reportedly doesn’t come from the wealthiest of families. She is the oldest of her siblings and was carrying the weight of them needing a new house.

So what do you do when you need to buy a house? Ask your 20 boyfriends for help, of course.

“20 mobiles for a house” became the viral hashtag following the viral post, initially blogged by one of Xiaoli’s co-workers.

Some people are bashing her claiming that’s she’s shameful but then there are those of us who need her to show us how to live life like her!

She should be asking who of those people bashing her has a new house, around the clock men, and had 20 iPhones at any point in life!


Honestly And Truly You’re The Real MVP: Woman gets iPhone7 From Each of Her 20 Boyfriends & Sells Them For A House!

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