Why Trump will win U.S. presidential poll – Supporters

With only hours to the heated U.S. presidential elections, the Republicans have exuded confidence that their nominee, Donald Trump, would win the election and not his rival, Democratic Hillary Clinton.

Some of Mr. Trump’s supporters who spoke to a correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in the U.S. on Monday said Mrs. Clinton’s support base was fast crumbling.

According to them, the Republican nominee will win all the battleground states to be elected president of the U.S. on Tuesday.

John Fredricks, the Chairman of the Trump Campaign in the State of Virginia said Trump would get more than the required votes to become president.

He said “we are gaining on Hillary Clinton every single day and we feel very confident that by Tuesday, Trump is going to win; we are very confident about that.

“As for the Electoral College and the so-called Blue wall, it is crumbling as we speak and the Electoral College is not as they say they have it, it is a complete mess now.

“We are going to turn the table in the battleground states, including winning Virginia and get elected and Trump is going to win the election on Tuesday night,” he said.

Mr. Fredricks also said that the African-Americans and other minority groups would overwhelmingly vote for Mr. Trump in the election.

He accused the media of painting Mr. Trump as hating African-Americans and other minority groups in the U.S., adding that the Republican nominee would get a chink of the minority votes.

“We are going to get more than 50 per cent of the African-American votes. We are going to get a high percentage of the Hispanic.

“Regardless of the way the media have painted Trump before average working-class American, Black, White, Hispanic, Indians, does not matter.”

Jeff Ryer, a Republican chieftain in the state of Virginia said the game changer in Tuesday’s election was that traditionally speaking, Republicans have greater percentage of votes in polling and turnout on election day.

Mr. Ryer said “part of our base is that it is very easy to motivate; they are going to show up. The campaign has been working on a get-out-to-vote operation through Internet and telephony.

“One of the reasons the race is tightening at the polls is because the percentage of the Republicans who are with Trump continues to increase with each polls and his percentage goes up.”

He said the polls showing Mrs. Clinton winning could not be totally relied upon as the whole electioneering process this year had been unusual.

A Republican member of the Senate of the State of Virginia, Frank Wagner, said the determinant of who would appoint the next Supreme Court justice had made Republicans disgruntled by Trump’s candidature to support him lately.

“We don’t sense the excitement in the African-Americans like we saw in 2008 and 2012 during President Barack Obama’s elections.”

According to him, however, there will be high turnout in traditional White states, which support Trump.

Mr. Wagner, who is a governorship candidate for Virginia, said the polls could not be relied upon but that Americans would be the utmost deciders of the poll.

NAN reports that U.S. president is elected by Electoral College made up of 538 electors as against popular vote and to be elected president, a candidate must win 50 per cent plus one (51 per cent) electoral vote.

Each of the 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia, has a certain amount of Electoral College votes to award a candidate, based on the number of members of Congress it has.

This is roughly in line with each area’s population and the votes are given on a winner-takes-all basis, except in Maine and Nebraska.

In 2008, President Barack Obama won 53 per cent of the vote but this led to 68 per cent of the Electoral College vote.

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