TB Joshua: The line between watching CNN & hearing from God – Emmanuel Ekaji Ibe

I don’t know what to make of the US election as I still cannot understand and figure out properly what happened. Till then I would address other surrounding issues.

Prophet T.B Joshua is my focus here and for a long time, I have observed keenly how this man has moved from one dirty controversy to the other; how sometime ago his church was involved in a building collapse as a result of the clear disregard of warnings not to add more storey buildings on the existing one.

Still on that issue, there were incidents were he was involved in bribing Journalists so as not to publish evidence that could cause further damage to him. I have watched all these but never for once did I comment on it as I really try to avoid criticizing religious leaders but I have long since changed my stand.

T.B Joshua is one of the major problems of the Nigerian society and he represents the large number of other so called religious leaders who take advantage of the gullibility and mental decay in Nigeria to enrich themselves and brainwash the multitudes in buying whatever crap they sell to them, every Sunday.

T.B Joshua is not just dull and unintelligent, he is a major fool and unfortunate soul. He goes to church every Sunday preaching his own version of Christianity and God, using God to make money off innocent worshippers.

He was preaching at what he calls church on Sunday and all of a sudden he said the Lord revealed to him who was gonna win the US Election, he said it would be a lady, obviously Hillary Clinton and that she was going to have problems with the US congress and his church members were so excited and were applauding the prophesy.

He talked about some other things, confidently spitting nonsense and a very large audience believing everything. Wow!

The US election is over now. If you call T.B Joshua a fool, an idiot, a stupid man, and all sorts you are right and no one has the right to question you.

Even if you desire not to speak, you are right, res ipsa loquitur, the fact speaks for itself and his folly is so glaring for his Sunday audience to see and the world to conclude finally that he was a filthy piece of shit all along.

Donald trump won. Now the offering being paid in his church definitely he’d use part to subscribe for DSTV, there is every possibility that his watching of CNN for too long might have influenced his decision.

There really cannot be anything wrong with a religious leader airing his political views as we have seen father Mbaka of the Catholic Church do several times but when you hide under God and religion to defraud people, you are a good for nothing soul and amongst the worst humans in this world.

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