#SultanAt10: National Security Summit, The way forward, Sultan Advocates.

His Eminence the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar  has called for a National Security Summit, the Spiritual leader of Muslims faithful in Nigeria made the call at the International symposium which is part of the activity marking his ten years on the throne as the Sultan of Sokoto.

Speaking he said; “I want to ask Mr Vice President, is it possible to have a national security Summit which will be attended by all stakeholder.”

According to the Sultan, he also added the summit will include all stakeholders within security setting in the country, as well traditional rulers and others.

Speaking further he also called on politicians and public office holders to imbibe the spirit of accountability, as he added;  “There should be freedom of religion. Since we did not create ourselves, we must allow everyone to choose the religion they want for themselves, ” he said.

“Whoever is bad is bad, whether he is a Christian, a Muslim, APC, PDP. Let every criminal answer their names.”

“We must come together as one irrespective of our religious or political affiliations to fight the evil ones.”

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