Suicide Bombers Detonate Explosives At Federal High Court In Maiduguri.

Three suicide bombers stormed the Federal High Court in Jidari Polo area of Maiduguri at 3.50 a.m. Friday morning, but the bombers could not do much damage as Nigerian mobile police officers stationed nearby were able to contain them, ensuring that their explosives had minimal impact.

A police statement disclosed that the bombers, two females and one male, had apparently planned to inflict death on the police and other security agents guarding the court. “By 3:50 a.m. today, mobile police personnel on guard duty opposite the Federal High Court sighted three suspected suicide bombers (two females and a male) running towards their sandbag,” said the statement. It added that the police ordered the suicide bombers to halt for interrogation. “In the process, one of them detonated the [improvised explosive device] strapped to her body, killing herself and one other male accomplice,” said the police, adding that the other female survivor “was arrested alive and subsequently handed over to the military for further exploitation and necessary follow-up actions.”

Following the incident, police bomb disposal experts arrived at the scene and detonated unexploded IEDs on the bodies of the deceased suicide bombers. The police statement disclosed that the second set of explosions “was as a result of the demolition of the remaining IEDs by [the] police.”

According to the police, normalcy had been restored around the area.

Three suicide bombers stormed the  Federal High Court in Jidari Polo area of Maiduguri early morning on Friday.

The  bombers, however, could not do much damage as Nigerian police contingent stationed in a Catholic church nearby neutralized the bombers made up of a male and two females before they could inflict damage on the court.

Saharareporters  sources stated that one of the bombers, a female removed her suicide vest and ran towards the police with her hands raised and was captured alive.

A female bomber then detonated her bomb which killed her male accomplice.

Security sources in the stated told our reporter that only the suicide bombers died in the attack. The female bomber on the team who surrendered has been arrested and taken into custody by Nigerian troops.

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