Pastor sprays insecticide on congregants, says God ‘can use poison’ to heal.

A South African pastor, Lethebo Rabalago, has been photographed spraying his congregation with ‘Doom’ insecticide claiming it will heal them and expel their troubles.


Pictures of the service and prayer meeting were shared on a Facebook account allegedly belonging to Mount Zion General Assembly, Rabalago’s church.


Rabalago claims that he is able to heal and deliver people using various substances at his disposal.




He says his methods are faultless and only require faith to work.


“God can use anything, God can use the mud, God can use saliva, God can use even poisonous things to deliver people.


“If they see a man of God using that thing it’s a sign of attracting men, so this is a magnetic anointing we are ‘magneting’ men into Christ.


“They don’t believe it can happen but once we put that magnet there, they see it’s possible and then they come,” Rabalgo told eNCA.


The pastor also noted that he uses Doom insect killer to heal people with cancer, HIV or any other illness.




One photograph from the service was captioned: “Mrs. Mitala. The Prophet called sick people to come forward. She went to the forth and told the Prophet that she suffers from ulcer. The Prophet sprayed doom on her and she received her healing and deliverance. We give God the glory.”


Another post from Mount Zion General Assembly said: “Doom is just a name‚ but when you speak to it to become a healing product‚ it does. People get healed and delivered through doom. It’s not by might nor by power‚ but by the HolySpirit. We give God the glory.”

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