Lufthansa flights grounded for third day.

Lufthansa pilots extended their pay strike into a third day on Friday, with domestic and European flights worst hit and the travel plans of over 100,000 passengers affected.

The Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) pilots’ union threatened to ground flights on Saturday as well.

The 14th round of strike since the dispute began in April 2014, has resulted in some 2,500 flights being cancelled over the past three days, affecting 315,000 passengers.

VC has refused to enter into arbitration as called for by the company.

On Saturday, it plans to target the German flagship carrier’s long-haul flights leaving from German airports.

Lufthansa said some 830 more flights would be cancelled, but that long-haul flights would be “carried out virtually according to schedule” during the week.

“Domestic and short-haul flights within Europe would be worst hit ahead of the weekend,’’ the company said.

German airports, including the main hubs at Frankfurt and Munich, were reported to be quiet.

Chaos was avoided by many Lufthansa passengers simply staying away from airports.

The company was providing updated information on its website and arranging alternatives for stranded passengers.

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