I’ll Re-position NIPOST For Better Performance – Postmaster General

The Postmaster General of the Nigeria Postal Service, NIPOST, Mr. Bisi Adegbuyi has said that the organization would be re-positioned to ensure better performance and be in a position to compete effectively.

Addressing NIPOST workers in Anambra Territory at its headquarters in Awka, Adegbuyi, who was on a familiarization tour of the area, said he has set machinery in motion to put NIPOST in a position where its services would compare with similar organizations in the world.

He said that one of the problems hindering the performance of NIPOST was financial leakages, assuring that he would do everything humanly possible to block the leakages in line with the zero tolerance for corruption of the Buhari administration.

Adegbuyi said: “I came in at a time the ship of NIPOST was drifting. There must be complete turn-around in the establishment and mine is to show the right way. We will reposition NIPOST and the starting point is to find the right path in which the right staff are put in the right places.

“I have gone round many NIPOST offices in the country and the problems are the same. We therefore have to start from ground zero because my objective is to move NIPOST to a position where the workers, the stakeholders and those we serve must be happy.

“One of the greatest problems we have is that the money we need is going into leakages and we have to block these leakages and plough the money back into the system to improve our services. Once our revenue improves, every worker in NIPOST will be happy.”

He said that he had already visited the National Salaries and Wages Commission for the purpose of reviewing workers’ salaries and payment of promotion arrears, advising the workers to change their attitude to work so that the country could have the kind of NIPOST it desired.

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